Arsene Wenger has accepted that he has had to revert to a backup plan to complete his summer transfer business. 
Wenger is closing in on the signings of Lucas Pérez and Shkodran Mustafi ahead of next week’s Deadline Day to augment his captures of Granit Xhaka and Rob Holding.

But the Frenchman accepts it has been a summer of frustration with Arsenal failing to land some preferred targets. 

“This season I thought we had the most easy transfer window ever, because we knew what we wanted and who we wanted and it didn’t come off so you have to restart. 

“When you restart, when you handle some leagues they are holiday, there was the European Championship and nothing happened, you couldn’t find anybody. 

“I met some people in the VIP rooms before games but it is not the best place to do deals but that is why it was very late, it is not ideal for us.”

Speaking ahead of the Premier League clash at Watford, Wenger also spoke about the need to remain calm amid the frenzy of transfer speculation but also accepts it is inevitable some deals will not bring the desired results.

“I have to make the right decision, knowing that it is not easy. What we spoke about many times, you are not the only one who decides about the timing. 

“My job is to resist stress and pressure, while keeping my head in the blue, just what is right. Focus in life is on one thing. You want to go from A to B, how far can you maintain that focus, and make the right decisions? Unfortunately, we all make mistakes.”

The manager also returned to a popular theme; fans’ obsession with transfer dealings and the constant craving for new faces, something he hasn’t always gone along with in the quest for continuity. 

“People have been addicted to news. We live in a society where we need always new faces, hope for the future. You want to dream and fear as well because the other clubs buy, you don’t buy. There is fear to be behind the others. 

“If you look at the last season for example, it is not necessarily the club who bought the most that is in front. You will see how many transfers will happen in the next three or four days. It will be amazing. Maybe the biggest amount ever.”