So since I have been away and last posted what exactly has happened? Well, the usual Arsenal fare. We won, we lost, we won, we lost, we won. To be more precise those results against West Bromwich Albion and Newcastle United happened, whilst so did the impressive victory at Everton and the Wolves. Really, can a team be any more inconsistent? Sure Chelsea were smacked by Sunderland and Manchester United stumbled to relatively disappointing results, drawing with Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion but these results truly shocked, especially Chelsea losing by three at home and Manchester United surrendering a two goal lead at Old Trafford.

When it comes to us, and the West Bromwich Albion and Newcastle results, I am not to sure anybody was actually that shocked. Surprised, indeed. Shocked? Far from it. When the Saturday afternoon fans turned on teletext there were no mouths open aghast, just a little sigh and groan about here we go again, same old Arsenal. The same way no fans, neither the Saturday afternoon or the hardcore, were surprised when we beat Everton away. It’s just the Arsenal way. Full of hypocrisies. We go on an inconsistent run that pretty much means we throw away the title and we lament our inability to perform to a high standard for a long series of matches and yet then we manage to string together an unbeaten run of ten matches or more, performing well consistently, and pull ourselves right back into the title race. When we anticipate right we turn left and when we then guess left Arsenal go right. It’s just the usual Arsenal fare. Well, the usual Arsenal fare of the past six seasons.

So, I asked myself, where or who do I blame this time? After all, it’s not my fault. I’m not guilty for the wrongs of Arsene Wenger. See what I did there? ( It’s his fault ) Still, are they even wrongs? Well that’s an odd question but yes, I will answer it. They are wrongs. Arsene Wenger is guilty because he has such a group of players at his disposal, all of whom can, on their day, play so mechanically, to orders, like they demonstrated at Goodison Park, that there is no reason why they should lose like they did against West Bromwich Albion and Newcastle United at The Emirates. Sure, Arsene Wenger collected and developed the group, so credit where credit is due, but I don’t appreciate the trend where Arsenal fans, well, the majority, are ready to absolve all of his wrongs when he clearly shouldn’t be. The players evidently were not motivated or focused against West Bromwich Albion and Newcastle United and these are familiar failings of the past six seasons.

It’s the usual Arsenal fare, a sorry muddled state of affairs. I don’t, however, blame anybody apart from Arsene Wenger for it. Thanks, we are near the summit of the table and Van Persie isn’t even fit yet. Really, thanks. But, Manchester United are shoddy, Chelsea are stumbling, and we, if we have genuine aspirations of usurping them, should already be top. Satisfied with being second? That’s a Saturday afternoon Arsenal fan of the modern age. Wenger has manipulated Arsenal fans into thinking coming second is an achievement and we should be thankful for it. Not for me.