The top 10 Arsenal goals under Arsene Wenger – Part 2

Ok. These are the other 5 goals. I wanted to include the classic Adebayor goal against Tottenham in 2008 but i opted against it. You might not agree, different criteria et al, but if you need to ask why i left his goal out then you either are lying to yourself or aren’t an Arsenal fan. So, the other 5 goals in the part 2 of the top 10 Arsenal goals under Arsene Wenger. Youtube videos are, inevitably, here too. Enjoy.


Carlos Vela against Sheffield United in 2008

Sure, it wasn’t particularly important but neither, for that matter, is coca cola. The world can survive without it but it sure seems better with it. Wait. It’s just a goal, i know i know. But what a beautiful goal. Kieran Gibbs to Vela and, then, the goal. For he’s a jolly good Vela, for he’s a jolly good Vela.


Bergkamp against Newcastle in 2002

Wow. Words are inadequate. No, perhaps its just me. Still, i’m not quite sure what to write. Perhaps i should just go to type in splendid and then use all the synonyms. Even then it just wouldn’t feel right. Sure, its hyperbole but as an Arsenal fan very little can top this. Bergkamp was a genius. This was his most spectacular moment. That Viera and Pires were also involved only made it even more special. Wow.


Thierry Henry against Manchester United in 2000

I have heard it all. It was flukey. It was a mistake from Fabien Barthez, poor positioning. It was unmerited. No. This was just Henry at his most phenomenal. Manchester United have Cantona, we have Henry. This was Henry doing a Cantona at Old Trafford against Manchester United. Grimandi made the pass, Dennis Irwin couldn’t get close, Henry swivelled and put it in the back of the net. We won 1-0. Va va voom.


Nwanku Kanu against Middlesbrough in 1999

We won 6-1, this goal meant little, but Kanu was a magician only Arsenal fans appeared to truly appreciate. Portsmouth fans, eventually, might have felt the same, but for a while at Arsenal Kanu was simply splendid. His inconsistency merely made him more alluring. This goal epitomised everything which was good about Kanu. Arsenal win 1-0 was something familiar. Henry scores, familiar. Arsenal entertaining, familiar. Parlour, Overmars and a Kanu backheel flick? For a while it was. Kanu the magician.


Ljungberg against Manchester United in 2001

Many younger Arsenal fans saw Ljungberg play for us and West Ham and wondered what the fuss was about. He did decline dramatically in his final few seasons. Yes. But there was a time, a magical few years, when Ljungberg was genuinely world class. A superb attacking midfielder, full of hard running with good technique to boot. One of the best players Wenger ever signed, this goal he scored against Manchester United was worth plenty. We won the title that season but, perhaps, without this goal, at that time, we might not have. France’s world cup winning Barthez could do nothing. Manchester United could do nothing. Always grateful to Ljungberg for this.


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