For want of a better idea i decided to create a list of the 10 best goals we have scored under Wenger’s reign. Well, the 10 best i could remember browsing over the results chart of the last decade and more. Remembering the crackers isn’t that dificult actually. Youtube videos are, of course, attached. This is part 1 with the first 5 goals. Enjoy.

Van Persie against Charlton in 2006

Emmanuel Eboue crosses into Van Persie’s path. Then, perhaps, the greatest volley ever scored by a Dutch striker. No. Wait. Marco Van Basten. Ok. Discluding Marco Van Basten the greatest volley ever scored by a Dutch striker. And it was scored in Arsenal colours. Scott Carson could do nothing about it. Then again Yashin wouldn’t have saved it either. Splendid.


Fabregas against AC Milan in 2008

A beauty. Kalac was in goal for Milan at the time, about 35 years old, in place of Dida. The guy, about 18 feet tall, hardly had great reflexes when reaching down low but it should never have detracted from the beauty of the goal. Many pundits post match, i recall, where saying a younger, better, more flexible goalkeeper would have saved this 30 yard strike from our Spanish wonderboy. I doubt it.


Thierry Henry against Real Madrid in 2006

Fabregas passed to Henry and off he went. Nobody else was involved. Henry just ran past everybody and finished off sublimely. On the way Sergio Ramos was pushed off, Mejia and Guti couldn’t get close. It was just a 10 second epitome of everything Henry was, is and always will be. An Arsenal great.


Adams against Everton 1998

Wenger’s first title. Adam’s goal to round it all of. This was the beginning of the modern Arsenal. From this day forward everything else came that we now know and associate with Arsenal. Henry, Pires, Fabregas, the Emirates, the success ( ahem ). Most of all, the image. This goal was proof that Graham was gone and Wenger was King. No more boring Arsenal, this was 4-0 and the title in style. It’s not just the goal. It’s everything about it, surrounding, that comes from it. Suitably scored, of course, by the greatest captain ever.


Viera against Man Utd 1997

Viera was 21 going on 32. He was a legend and it wasn’t even half way into the season. Ok. He might not have merited legend status yet, at that point, but he was obviously going to be one. Then he scored this goal. That day, after we won 3-2, we believed we had a chance. Such a good finish from Viera, such an important goal in our history. Viera, we salute you.


Part 2 of the top 10 Arsenal goals under Arsene Wenger to follow tomorrow