Stamford Bridge, Chelsea v Arsenal , Premier League 03/10/2010 Didier Drogba of Chelsea celebrates scoring the 1st goal 1-0  Photo Marc Atkins Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Chelsea beat us again and it’s more than i want to take. I could take more, if i enjoyed torment i probably would take more, but i don’t want to. Chelsea beat us again. But wait, that isn’t my torment. Chelsea beat us and they deserved to so there are no complaints from me and as far as I can tell from my ensemble of Arsenal supporting friends there are no complaints over there (them) either. We lost to the better team. That I can accept. What i can’t take any more of is Arsene Wenger and his ridiculous excuses. His rhetoric, his failed sophistry. His crap French players.

Is crap a little too harsh? Yes, if you compare the players to Blackpool’s or Bolton’s or Braga’s, perhaps it is. Compare them to Chelsea’s, however, and they are as crap at football as a cat is crap at cracking chestnuts whilst cooly crooning Christmas carols on a chair. 4-1, 3-0, 2-0 and 2-0.

It’s never close. Clichy is not a touch on Silvinho, Cole or Winterburn. Sagna struggles too often in the big matches. Squillaci plays football like a piece of undercooked spaghetti would. Koscielny thinks he is Chopin when he should concentrate more on being like Cannavaro. Diaby is a Veira made in Taiwan. Song might be from Cameroon but he played for France under 16-s and the only reason he plays for Cameroon’s senior team, i bet, is because he is too crap to play for the French senior one and Cameroon called first. Chamakh, similarly, plays for Morocco only because he is too crap for France. He might get in the French squad now but when he made his choice several seasons ago he knew he wasn’t good enough for that squad. The only reason both might make it now is because France are so crap too, not because either of the two are good. And i won’t even start on the non French players like Rosicky, Arshavin et al.

Wait, let me clarify. All of these players, French and not French are obviously good. Clearly very good players. In fact they are better than most of the players in the world. As a collection they are still not good enough to win the league yet they are definitely impressive. But they just play so crap against Chelsea. Every single time.

And to top off all the French crap, plus other crap, we have Wenger and his crap. He actually said post match that Arsenal were the better team for the majority of the match and had Chelsea on the back foot under pressure. Is he sincere? He is seeing something nobody else does. A psychiatrist please! We had moments, yes, we might have sneaked ahead, yes, but let’s just be honest and stop decieving ourselves. Chelsea DID deserve to win, Chelsea did win, and so long as we keep making excuses nothing will change.

Wenger wake up! Stop piling up your French crap! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

ps. Nasri is exempt from criticism thanks to his fine form although he even struggles against Chelsea.