Want to earn the rapidly-increasing price of an Arsenal match ticket. What not try Texas Holdem? Here are some tips for making sure you win more than you lose…

1. Sounds basic, but ensure you know the value of your cards.

And factor in your opponents’ knowledge level too. A flush draw might look a great hand but it’s too obvious to your opponents so don’t expect to win big. Something like a straight gives you more disguise, but the best draw is a set.

2. Know the value of a win

Keep track of your opponents’ stacks. It stands to reason that you can’t win more than your opponent has in his stack. So don’t put yourself at risk unnecessarily and make your plays accordingly.

3. Know the odds

You must do the maths. Learn the the permutations of catching draws, straights etc

4. Keep them guessing

You win big when you lure an opponent into a trap. So you must keep them guessing. Vary your play – your folds and bluffs – so they can no longer read your intentions. Eventually, you will draw an opponent into a situation they didn’t expect.

5. Always be wary of the suited flop. A real killer that can give your opponent an unexpected, but completed flush.

6. Take care with your pair

Be cautious with low pairs. Ie 66 to 22. Don’t go in unless the money makes sense.

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