Arsene Wenger admits Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere each have much to prove this season.“All three have a point to prove, of course. For different reasons. Most of the time it is down to the fact that they were injured and today at the top level you cannot be in and out, you have to be consistently physically at the top.”

All three players have been dogged by injury, with Wilshere the worst effected, meaning stellar early promise has remained unfulfilled.

Wenger hopes that will change during the coming campaign.

“It’s a massive season because they have not been regularly involved in the English national team and they all belong to the English national team.

“There’s a new possibility for them because there’s a new coach in the English national team. But especially, I think what is most important is for them to do well for their club. They have been frustrated last season on that front

“If you are injured and come back the difference between the players and the teams is so small that you have to be at the top physically.”